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Trial Secretary Services


Paws-Abilities is an agility trial secretary service.  This site is dedicated to all the clubs that are hosting AKC trials that have entrusted me with the job of being their Trial Secretary.  Listed below are the trials that are currently open, or have recently closed.

PKC (June) - waiting list all days

MOTC (June) - waiting list Friday and Saturday

NDTC (July)waiting list Friday and Saturday

DCA/CKC (August)

GSPCMT (September)


RV for Sale


New Agility Grand Championship

New ACT program

Measuring Policy

Dealing with Misconduct Booklet

Regular to Preferred Crossover




                       Home of:                                                                  Waiting at the Bridge:
   CH MACH2 Notty, TD, MXP, MJP, NF, T2B                                 Whozit, VCD2, MX, MXJ, P1
               Whimsy, TD, OA, MXJ                                     MACH8 Whatzit, AAD, SAM, RM, JM, NAC, NJC
        MACH Scheme, TD, T2B3, MXF                                                    MACH4 Coby, TD, OF, AAD
              Savvy TD, MX, MXJ, RATS                                                   CH MACH2 Boo, TD
                    Quimby, NA, NAJ, RATO                                                           MACH Esme
                                                                                                 CH MACH4 Ginger, TD, NF